Rapid Fire


Pistol:- Any .22" calibre rim fire semi-auto pistol, chambered for Long Rifle cartridges, may be used. Max weight 1,400g.

Sights:- Any metal sights which may be adjustable, any colour. Orthoptics are allowed.

Trigger:- Minimum trigger weight 1,000g.

Position:- The pistol must be operated by only one hand from a standing position.

Targets:- PL17

Ammunition:- 60 rounds. To be supplied by the competitor.

Rules:- ISSF Rapid Fire Pistol Rules apply.

Course of Fire:-


 Mens:- 3 Minutes Preperation. One sighting series before each stage.

The event is 60 competition shots divided into two stages of 30 shots each.Each stage includes six series of five shots each, two series in eight seconds, two
series in six seconds and two series in four seconds. In each series, one shot is fired at each of the five targets within the specified time limit for the series.