FGC Egg Shoot




A yearly fun shoot to end

the competition season.








Pistol:- Any centrefire Revolver or Semi-Automatic pistol with a calibre between 0.354 and 0.455

Competition:- The competition is in five phases

             Distance          Target          Grip

Phase 1:-   10m               blob           Single Weak Hand

Phase 2:-   15m               Rapid         Single Strong Hand

Phase 3:-   20m          PL7 Centre      Two Handed

Phase 4:-   25m           Two Clays      Two Handed

Phase 5:-   30m           One Egg         Two Handed


5 Rounds at each distance normal scoring applies to the targets on phase 1, phases 2 and 3 only the black areas count, 25 points for each clay and 50 points for the egg.

10 bonus points are awarded for each unused round.


Qualifying Scores:-

Eggspert                288+

Eggstreme              256+

Eggcellent              224+

Eggseptional           192+

Eggsquisite             160+

Egghead                128+

Poached Egg            96+

Scrambled Egg         64+

Bad Egg                  32+

Rotten Egg            <32

Sponsored by Dungunnin.