Pistol:- Any Centre-fire revolver or semi-automatic, calibre .354 to .455 in

Sights:- Any metal sights which may be adjustable, any colour. Orthoptics not allowed.

Trigger:- In the opinion of the range officer, the trigger must be safe.

Position:- Prone. Standing, unsupported. Kneeling. Sitting (Both buttocks on the ground). Standing, left-hand barricade, with the pistol in the left hand. Standing, right-hand barricade, with the pistol in the right hand. One or two hands may be used throughout the competition.

Targets:- PS5. One per competitor.

Ammunition:- 66 rounds, to be supplied by the competitor.

Rules:- Club Police Pistol 2 Rules apply.

Course of Fire:-

Six sighting shots in 5 minutes at 50M, which may be scoped.

Practice 1

10m : 6 shots in 5 seconds. This practice to be fired twice.

Practice 2

50m : 6 shots prone, 6 shots kneeling, or sitting, 6 shots L/H Barricade, 6 shots R/H Barricade. All in 3 minutes.

Practice 3

25m : 6 shots standing, 6 shots kneeling or sitting, 6 shots R/H Barricade, 6 shots L/H Barricade. All in 2 minutes.



Other than the sighting series, no telescopes are permitted. Revolvers will be loaded and holstered. but not cocked until clear of the leather. Semi-auto

Pistols will be loaded WITHOUT a live round in the chamber, but may be 'cocked' to assist loading. One spare magazine or quick-loader may be used,

and the ammunition must be carried on the person, and not placed on the ground. e.g. ln practice 2 & 3, once the Pistol is loaded and holstered, the

competitor will have one spare magazine—or quick-Ioader—and 12 loose rounds, which may of course be in a pouch, pocket or belt. Full use must be

made of the protective factor of the barricade, and when indicated the weapon must change hands. There is NO malfunction allowance.

Qualifying Scores:-

Gold Standard  565

Silver Standard 545

Bronze Standard 515