Pistol:- Any Percussion Revolver.

Sights:- Any metal sights. Orthoptics not allowed.

Trigger:- In the opinion of the range officer, the trigger must be safe.

Position:- Any position two handed.

Targets:- PS5. One per competitor.

Ammunition:- 37 rounds, to be supplied by the competitor.

Rules:- Club Rules apply.

Course of Fire:-

Practice 1:- 50m, 13 shots best 10 to count.

Practice 2:- 25m, 12 shots best 10 to count, comstock scoring first 6 are loaded minus caps.

Practice 3:- 25m, 12 shots. comstock scoring


As weapons eligible to compete in this event are available in a variety of calibres when scoring the centre point of shot holes must be at least on the line to count for the higher score. This eliminates any advantage that might be gained by shooting a large diameter bore pistol against a smaller one and if shots only had to break a scoring ring to gain the higher score.

In the event of a tie the winner is the one who has the highest number of shots in each scoring ring in descending order. If these are the same for each ten scoring shots, then the loser is the one with a scoring shot furthest from the centre. If the tie is still unresolved the next nearest scoring shots are used, and so on.

Qualifying Scores:-

Master        288

Expert        256

Marksman   224