Service Pistol B


Pistol:- Any Centre-fire revolver or semi-automatic, calibre .354 to .455 in

Sights:- Any metal sights which may be adjustable, any colour. Orthoptics not allowed.

Trigger:- In the opinion of the range officer, the trigger must be safe.

Position:- Standing. Both hands may be used to hold or steady the pistol.

Targets:- Two DP1 per competitor.

Ammunition:- 24 rounds, to be supplied by the competitor.

Rules:- Club Pistol Rules apply.


Course of Fire:-

Practice 1

25m : 6 shots on the left-hand target in 15 seconds.

Practice 2

20m : 6 shots, 3 on each target in 10 seconds.

Practice 3

15m : 6 shots on right-hand target. The target will make three appearances of 3 seconds, two shots to fired at each appearance. The "away" time will vary between 3 and 10 seconds. Pistol to be returned to the ready position between appearances.

Practice 4

10m : 6 shots, 3 on each target in 6 seconds.

Qualifying Scores:-

Gold Standard     106

Silver Standard    99

Bronze Standard  91