Junior Section




The primary aim of the Junior Section is to educate young people, 12 to 18 years of age, in the safe and responsible use of firearms.

Junior sessions currently run on a Thursday evening from 18:00 to 19:30 during term time. This is for Air Pistol and Rifle.

There may also be the opportunity at weekends to try other disciplines. (Notice will be given)

 All juniors attending their first sessions receive individual instruction in the

Basics, including the safe handling of firearms. 

We start all juniors at Class C that is they do five sighters and then two cards of ten shots each which is scored and recorded.

When they can score an average of 75%, they will become a Class B and will then do four cards until they can hit 75%

when they will became Class A and will do six cards this is the same for pistol and rifle and is a full shoot for international competitions.

After attending four sessions all juniors if there are no issues, they will become full members of the FGC.

Prices are as follows: -

Targets Pistol and Rifle £0.10p each

Pellets     £7.50 per tin (500 pellets)

Foam Ear plugs         £0.40 per pair


In the interests of safety participants at junior sessions must wear closed shoes and have their legs covered.

Ear protection is mandatory.

NOTE: Military style clothing, like army fatigues and camouflage gear may not be worn for junior activities.


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