10m Air Pistol


Pistol:- .177 (4.5) calibre gas-driven.  Must fit in a box: 17 by 8 by 2 in (42 by 20 by 5 cm ). The maximum overall weight is 1.5 kg (3.31 lb).

Sights:- Any metal sights which may be adjustable, any colour. Orthoptics are allowed.

Trigger:- The minimum trigger pull weight is 17.6 oz (500 gram).

Position:- The pistol must be operated by only one hand from a standing position, and may only be loaded with one pellet at a time.

Targets:- 10m Air Pistol.


Mens and Ladies:- 60 shots. To be supplied by the competitor.

Rules:- ISSF 10m Air Pistol Rules apply.

Course of Fire:-


 Mens and Ladies:- 15 Minutes Preparation (Unlimited Sighters) then 60 shots in 75 minutes.